DSC02642Woot! My good friends ask about my latest passions with amused looks on their faces, because they know that it doesn’t take much to get my enthusiasm levels to near danger-overload levels. But can I help it? No. When I’m on a mission,  eagerness seeps out of every pore and throws my body into frenetic action, my body tingling with a sense of purpose.

DSCN1832So what you ask, am I so excited about? I’m excited about you. And me.  And planting and cooking and baking and bottling and adventuring… and taking pictures, and most of all, writing. You’ve seen the tagline, and perhaps you’ve browsed the about page, so you are aware of where I live, what I do in my not-so-spare time, and what I’m hoping to share with the world.

DSC_0228What you may not be cognizant of, dear reader, is that you are providing me with the opportunity to create a space for myself where I have the opportunity to share my love of all things home and nature-based, whilst dabbling in photography and happily tapping at my keyboard.  Here lies an obligation carved into my loyalty to this new blog and you, where I get to write – visiting my old, dear friends, WORDS, and helping to funnel this passion for seemingly all things into an outlet, that perhaps, you’ll find useful in your life.

It’s a grand welcome! We’re all walking this road together (are you all trembling with excitement?!), and though I understand we  won’t be together every step, I want to thank you for joining me on any and all phases of this journey in which you wish to partake.

It’s time. The berries are bursting, the tomatoes are shining, the nasturtiums are beaming, and there is a month left until I head back to the classroom.  Off we go!DSC03577


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