Rose-Infused Oil

You are going to start to see a pattern here. DSC02921Infused flower oils all follow basically the same recipe, but have varied uses for skin care.  Rosewater and infused rose oil have been used as a skin soother and softener for centuries.  Rosewater makes a wonderful tonic, and rose-infused oil often makes the ingredient list for delicate skin-care areas, such as eye cream.

My affinity for roses, truth be told, lays more with the skin care aspect, rather than the preference for roses in the garden.  Though I love the smell of roses, transplanted with love from my partner’s late grandparents’ old home, I’m a lazy rose gardener – I let them climb, meander and fall largely of their own free will, until I’m tired of getting pricked while weeding, and hastily tie up the largest of the rose vines, akin to something of a gardener’s messy bun.

DSC01234I was also once slow to pick roses for the house, preferring to smell them in the yard, rather than waste time picking the flower, only to enjoy their splendor indoors for a few days before the petals fall.  This has changed since my obsession with rosewater – both as a tea and as a toner.  Now when I pick roses or my partner cuts a few to bring into our home as a gift, I pluck off the petals as they begin to open off of the bud, make a cup of tea, and drink it up – occasionally saving a bit to splash on my face as a toner in subsequent days.

But back to skin care. Rose infused oil DSC03368can be used in a blend for your own eye-care regime or moisturizer, or on it’s own or with other oils should you embark on the oil-cleansing method (more on that soon).

Versatile and calming, here’s an easy recipe for a rose-infused oil.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 1/2 cups fresh harvested rose petals (or approximately 1 cup already dried)DSC02937
  • 1 cup of a lightly scented oil of your choosing *I used olive in this particular batch, though I highly recommend almond oil for this infusion, as almond oil is fine for sensitive skin and thus is safe to apply around the delicate tissue of the eyes. Almond oil can be found at your local natural remedies store pre-bottled, or in bulk with your own container, like the one shown here.DSC03085
  • 1 8 oz. mason jar *If you have more rose petals and would like to make a larger batch, simply alter recipe as necessary – so long as the dried petals are fully covered by oil once jarred.


  • Carefully gather the rose petals, and then spread out to dry on a towel or baking sheet in a dry, warm area for at least two weeks. *This eliminates the chance of the petals still retaining moisture, and the oil going rancid.DSC03080
  • After the petals have dried, gently bruise the flowers by rolling between fingers to help release the aroma.
  • Place the rose petals in a 8 oz. mason jar (or larger if you have more!).DSC03088
  • Pour in your oil of choosing, making sure that the oil covers your petals by at least 1/2.”
  • Cover the jar tightly with the lid and set in a sunny window to infuse for between 3 and 6 weeks. DSC03228
  • Strain the infusion through a fine-mesh colander, into a small mason jar. DSC03236
  • Label your jar with the flower infusion (rose) and the oil base (in this batch, I used olive) and store away, ready to use for moisturizing and smoothing.  DSC03417

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